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Miko constructions- celling

Refurbishment & Extension

After a meticulous refurbishment, the historic building underwent an elegant extension, seamlessly blending old-world charm with modern architectural innovation.

Miko constructions- 2 worker

Loft Conversion

With its soaring ceilings and abundant natural light, the loft conversion transformed the once-empty attic into a breath-taking sanctuary, perfect for creativity and relaxation.

building constructions - bathroom

Bathroom Renovation

Through a stunning bathroom renovation, the outdated space was reborn into a luxurious oasis, where sleek marble surfaces and state-of-the-art fixtures invite indulgence and serenity.

Miko constructions- kitchen renovetion

Kitchen Renovation

Through a remarkable kitchen renovation, the heart of the home was reinvented into a culinary haven, where gleaming countertops, top-of-the-line appliances, and thoughtful design elements harmoniously blend style and functionality.

Lombard Wharf

Mechanical & Electrical Services

The meticulous installation and integration of advanced mechanical and electrical services breathed life into the building, ensuring optimal comfort, efficiency, and safety for its occupants.

House extension

Soft Strip Demolition

With a careful and methodical soft strip demolition, the building was gracefully deconstructed, preserving valuable elements while clearing the way for future transformation and renovation.

Miko constructions- history build

Historic Building Restoration

Through a painstaking historic building restoration, the architectural gem was meticulously revived to its former glory, capturing the essence of bygone eras and preserving its rich heritage for generations to come.

site inspection

Design and Build

Through a seamless design and build process, the visionary team brought forth a stunning structure that seamlessly melds form and function, embodying the client’s vision while surpassing expectations.

Miko constructions- new build

New Builds Construction

With unwavering attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, the new builds construction project gave rise to a striking ensemble of contemporary structures, harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape.

skilled worker

Planned Repairs & Maintenance

Through diligent planned repairs and maintenance, the property’s structural integrity was safeguarded, ensuring a well-maintained environment that stands as a testament to proactive care and longevity.

Lombard Wharf

Architectural Services

Through their innovative architectural services, the talented team transformed abstract ideas into tangible realities, crafting spaces that inspire, captivate, and push the boundaries of design.

Bulstrode Park

Interior Design

With an expert touch, the interior design team curated a harmonious symphony of colours, textures, and furnishings, elevating the space into a captivating sanctuary that seamlessly blends style and comfort.

progect manegment services

Project Management

Through meticulous project management, the dedicated team orchestrated a seamless collaboration of contractors, suppliers, and stakeholders, ensuring timely execution, cost efficiency, and impeccable quality throughout the entire endeavour.

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