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General contractor London

Looking for a reliable general contractor in London? Our experienced team specializes in managing construction projects from start to finish. Get top-notch expertise, seamless coordination, and exceptional results for your project. Contact us today to bring your vision to life

Customers reviews

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I enjoyed working with Miko Construction on a significant home improvement. Their crew was professional and meticulous from the start. They listened to my ideas, made recommendations, and completed the assignment well. The communication was great, and the product surpassed my expectations. I strongly suggest Miko building for dependable and professional London building partners.
Miko constructions- model
Steve W
Business Owner
Miko Construction team demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in commercial construction, and their project management skills were impeccable. They completed the project within the agreed timeline and budget, without compromising on quality. It's clear that Miko Construction prioritizes customer satisfaction and craftsmanship. I wouldn't hesitate to engage their services again.
Miko constructions- model
Julean R
Business Owner
Miko Construction was the greatest choice for our house addition. Their team's professionalism and skill were evident throughout the endeavor. Their response to our inquiries and adaptability to unanticipated difficulties were remarkable. The finished product showed their meticulous workmanship. Miko Construction's passion and competence made our new place perfect. I highly suggest them to anybody seeking a reliable building partner.
Miko constructions- model
Raddel A
Business owner

Meet Our Team

Meet our dedicated construction team, a group of skilled professionals committed to turning your vision into reality. With a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence, we bring expertise in every aspect of construction. Trust us to deliver your project with precision, quality, and a commitment to exceeding expectations

Tawfik Werfalli

Managing Director

Amy Butlet

Product Manager

Jenifer Anderson

Product Manager


From conception to completion, the construction process in the UK follows a meticulous and well-coordinated approach.

progect manegment services


We proudly receive esteemed invitations to tender from an extensive clientele, including private individuals, visionary developers, reputable housing associations, and esteemed architects.


We diligently connect with the identified construction site or the potential land earmarked for development. Engaging in comprehensive research, we meticulously assess the project's scale, delving into essential factors such as identifying any abnormal conditions flagged by planning authorities, including environmental and wildlife considerations.


Our team collaborates closely with designated project partners, such as esteemed architects or seasoned commercial refurbishment specialists. Leveraging the insights gathered on-site and through meticulous planning reports, we meticulously compile a detailed project costing. By incorporating every intricate detail into the project timeframe, we proactively safeguard against unforeseen challenges that could potentially hinder the construction process. Our commitment to transparency culminates in the production of a comprehensive Contract Sum Analysis (CSA) and Construction Programme.

Miko Construction


Upon reaching a mutual agreement on costings, we meticulously draft a robust Build Contract, facilitating a harmonious partnership between Vision Construct and our esteemed client.


To ensure seamless execution of the Construction Programme, we engage our expertise in identifying and procuring the most skilled subcontractors available. Vision Construct's well-established network allows us to handpick the finest professionals in the industry. Additionally, we appoint a dedicated Site Manager to oversee the project's smooth progression.


Recognising the importance of adhering to planning conditions, such as safeguarding badger sets, nesting birds, crested newts, or archaeological sites, we proactively allocate additional time within the project schedule. By strictly adhering to these regulations during the pre-build stage, we not only fulfil our legal obligations but also exemplify our commitment to cost-effective time management.


With utmost professionalism, we appoint a team of accomplished legal experts, astute structural engineers, and dedicated planning personnel. Together, we meticulously review and finalise all contractual agreements, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence.


Career - Miko Construction


With all elements meticulously aligned, the site setup is prepared, and the much-anticipated building work springs into action. Recognising the paramount importance of clarity, we ensure that every stakeholder is fully informed and aligned with the project expectations. Investing dedicated time and attention in pre-build preparations has been a cornerstone of our success, as we strive to create a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout the construction process. Dean Freeman, the esteemed Managing Director at Vision Construct, affirms, "We have gleaned invaluable wisdom over the years, understanding that dedicating ourselves to pre-build detailing sets the stage for the unparalleled construction journey we are renowned for."


For comprehensive insights into our adept project management capabilities across various build types, we invite you to explore our end-to-end developments and turnkey projects. By delving into these endeavours, you will witness firsthand our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence from conception to completion.

mikoconstruction - emlpoyee


As the build progresses, we proactively schedule regular debrief meetings to ensure open communication and maintain a thorough understanding of your evolving needs. Our commitment to your project remains unwavering, even beyond the completion of the construction phase.


At Miko Construction, we take immense pride in delivering an impeccable finish. However, we value your feedback and encourage you to share any concerns or snags, regardless of their scale. By addressing every detail, we continuously refine our processes and elevate the overall quality of our work.


Our approach centres around your project, meticulously crafting each stage brick by brick to bring your vision to life. No matter the complexity or uniqueness of your brief, our dedicated team is eager to embark on this transformative journey with you. Take the first step towards realising your dreams by reaching out to us today.


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